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Executive Director Search

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Richmond Civic Theatre has served our community for over 78 years.  We are a multi-faceted organization producing a Main Stage series, youth theatre, through provoking drama, and radio theatre.  We serve our community with outreaches that engage with more than 500 volunteers annually. This is in addition to the thousands of audience members and more than 3,000 students we serve each year.  In 2018 we were named the American Association of Community Theatre’s Diamond Crown Honoree.

RCT is looking for a dynamic Executive Director who will help guide the organization to the next level.  A detailed job description and qualifications are listed below.  Primary responsibilities include:

  • Fundraising
  • Monitoring and communicating the overall theatre’s health
  • Supervising paid staff
  • Collaborating, supporting, and facilitating the work and artistic leadership of our volunteer community

Key qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in theatre management or nonprofit management, or experience deemed equivalent
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to read and interpret scripts with an eye toward empowering volunteers and determining technical and resource requirements

Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to RCT’s personnel committee via email to by February 28, 2019.

Detailed job description:

Job Description

  1. Administers, plans, and secures resources to fulfill the mission of Richmond Civic Theatre (“RCT”) in such a manner that optimizes results without removing artistic control from volunteers.
  2. Operates under the general direction of the Board of Directors.


  1. Finance
    a. Collaborates, supports, and advises volunteers in the preparation and monitoring of RCT’s budget.
    b. Supervises regular bookkeeping tasks.
    c. Supervises, collaborates, and supports in the preparation of routine financial reports.
    d. Works closely with RCT’s accountants and advisors in the preparation of any and all necessary returns, reports, and audits.
  2. Development
    a. Collaborates, supports, and advises the Board in the cultivation and retention of sponsors, donors, and members. Implements plans for such cultivation and retention.
    b. Collaborates, supports, and advises the Board in increasing membership in the organization. Implements plans for such efforts.
    c. Collaborates, supports, and advises the Board in securing program advertisements.
    d. Researches, finds, and actively pursues grant funding from all sources, meeting all deadlines and ensuring regular renewal of such grant funding as necessary.
  3. Community Relations and Marketing
    a. Collaborates, supports, and advises in public relations activities, marketing, and all efforts by RCT to best position RCT as a leader within the local arts community.
    b. Represents RCT in the community, remaining courteous, tactful, and professional in all business relationships.
    c. Maintains a respectful, inclusive, and appropriate public persona at all times.
  4. Human Resources
    a. Board of Directors
    i. Collaborates in and supports the development of long- and short-range plans for the development of RCT’s productions and services, implementing such plans as directed by the Board.
    ii. Implements such plans in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.
    iii. Maintains appropriate relations with the Board and its committees and keeps them informed.
    iv. Maintains currency in trends in the field of both theatre and non-profit management by maintaining involvement in the professional field as a whole.
    b. Staff
    i. Supervises and directs key staff in the performance of their duties.
    ii. Evaluates performance of key staff members and provides overall control and direction for the personnel function of RCT.
    iii. Works collaboratively with all staff and volunteers to further the interests of RCT.
  5. Artistic
    a. Collaborates, supports, and advises volunteers in the development of RCT’s artistic mission in a way that empowers volunteers in maintaining artistic control.
    b. Collaborates, supports, and advises with selection of productions considering RCT’s target market, budget, and projected return.
    c. Negotiates show royalties and secures contracts for productions.
    d. Supports volunteers in finding, securing, and managing production resources, to include both monetary and volunteer resources.
  6. Committee and Volunteer Support
    a. Collaborates in, supports, and facilitates the work of all committees in a way that artistically empowers the volunteers.
    b. Provides support, secures resources, and coordinates efforts for committee projects and tasks as needed and appropriate, maintaining organization and assistance in moving forward with such volunteer efforts.
    c. Collaborates, supports, and advises in the development of RCT policies and monitors implementation and compliance.
  7. Facilities and Equipment
    a. Collaborates in, supports, and facilitates the maintenance and management of RCT facilities and grounds.
    b. Collaborates in, supports, and facilitates the maintenance and management of RCT equipment and the training in its use by volunteers, ensuring compliance with use and safety policies adopted by the Board.
    c. Collaborates in, supports, and implements the development and implementation of safety and training programs for volunteers and staff, including ensuring a method is in place for the monitoring and training of volunteers in safely using RCT’s facilities, grounds, and equipment.
  8. Qualifications
    a. Bachelor’s degree in theatre management or nonprofit management, or experience deemed equivalent
    b. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    c. Strong interpersonal skills
    d. High-level proficiency in computer operation, bookkeeping, word processing, necessary software
    e. An understanding of basic accounting principles and budgeting
    f. Physical ability for periods of sitting, walking, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, and lifting up to 25 pounds
    g. Ability to read and interpret scripts with an eye toward empowering volunteers and determining technical and resource requirements
  9. Other duties as assigned
    a. This is a new position and we expect the Executive Director and personnel committee to collaborate on further definition and/or revision of responsibilities.

Babe, the Sheep Pig – Cast List

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Babe, the Sheep Pig – Cast List


Farmer Hogget: Cole Baxter

Mrs. Hogget: Grace Blakley

Babe: Maren Bolser

Fly: Anna Wible

Puppy 1: Isabella Cornell

Puppy 2: Karaline Byers

Puppy 3: Rowan Aubre-Howard

Puppy 4: Gwyneth Falcone

TV Commentator: Mallory Bolser

Vicar: Hunter Culyer

Weight Guesser 1: Autumn Fecher

Weight Guesser 2: Conner Pierson

Cockerel: Emerson Cozart

Cat: Madison Cohee

Turkey: Ross Fogle

Duck 1: Austin Kosier

Duck 2: Ethan Kosier

Ma: Mary Alice Zaleski

Sheep 1: Addison Guiley

Sheep Flock:
Ava Neuman
Isaiah Fecher
Lincoln Crowe
Evelyn Goss
Isabelle Fecher
Olivia Walker
Owen Walker
Madison Cohee
Abby Deitsch

Sheep Rustler 1: Caleb Haager

Sheep Rustler 2: Nick Rader

Worrier Dog 1: Aidan Krepps

Worrier Dog 2: Jake Fost

Family Tree Cast Announced

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Updated cast list for the World Premiere of The Family Tree, to be presented this December:


Nathaniel Arnett                 Hannah Basford                    Gail Bratton
Karen Briggs                     LuAnn Brisco                          Todd Burke
Shanna Camacho             Emma Catey                           Nikolai Catey
Bella Cornell                     Mindy Deckard                       Abby Deitsch
Grace Deitsch                   Timothy Emery                     Stacy Emmons
Addy Emmons                   Aiden Emmons                     Alexis Gregory
Addison Guiley                 Brett Guiley                          Marty Hancock
Anna Harkrider                  Kari Harrington                    Alisa Clapp-Itnyre
Dee Ball Johnson             Vikki Johnson                        Shari Kosier
Mallory McDonald            Carrie McElroy                      Kaylor McKinney
Kierra McKinney             Cindy Mendenhall                  Molly Mendenhall
Skylar Miller                    Aubrey Miller                           Emily Morris
Mike Mustin                    Bob Myers                               Rachel Phenis
Tanner Puterbaugh        Megan Ratliff                           Jason Robertson
Hailey Satterfield           Stacie Shepherd                       Joseph Tolton
Doug Wambo                Olivia Wambo                           Shelley Wambo
Stephen Yost

We are still looking for “a few good men,” so if you are interested, contact us right away!

The Family Tree – Auditions

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“The Family Tree”- does this bring pictures of YOUR family to mind? I hope so. “A Christmastime Concert”. What does that say? I’m hoping some of your favorite holiday songs come to mind.
The holiday show this year is “homegrown” in that a committee selected the title, theme, and songs. Then a design committee developed the storyline. In this production we follow a multi-generational family through the holiday celebrations of tree decorating and PARTYING! (which is what we do best at RCT!)
The directing team is looking for singers and dancers of all ages. We are especially excited to revive the Murrayettes. (The Murray Theatres very own kickline)—dancers you KNOW you want to be a part of that! Can you roller skate? Can you see yourself as an Elf? How about a toy in a toy store? There are roles for everyone!

Auditions will be held at 6:30 Sunday, August 17th and Monday, August 18 in the RCT auditorium. Audition material is available. If you would like to audition for a solo, duet or small ensemble please come prepared to sing a portion of a song of your choice. If you would like to come as a duet, or ensemble please come prepared! Whether you are a veteran volunteer or new to the theatre there is a place in this production for you!


Don’t miss being a part of this historical one-of-a-kind production.
Hopefully, I’ve been able to paint a little picture in your mind of what our December show will bring.
We look forward to hearing you!
Renee’ Arnett, Director
Sandi Cox, Music Director
Regina Branagin, Assistant Director
Tammy Cornell, Choreographer

Disney’s Peter Pan Jr. Audition

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Auditions for Stage One Youth Theatre’s season opener, Disney’s Peter Pan, Jr, will be taking place August 25 & 26 at Richmond Civic Theatre, from 5:30-7:30 pm.

For more information, click on the links! Peter Pan Character Descriptions Peter Pan Audition and Show info

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure – Auditions

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Auditions for “Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure”
adapted by Steven Dietz
Sunday, August 3, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday, August 4, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Richmond Civic Theatre – Upstairs Rehearsal Hall

Characters (accents needed):
* Sherlock Holmes (British, Irish)
* Doctor Watson (British)
* Professor Moriarty (British)
* The King of Bohemia (German)
* Irene Adler (upper-class American, Cockney)
* James Larrabee (British)
* Madge Larrabee (British, French)
* Sid Prince (strong Cockney)
* Ensemble – may be played by one or several actors:
– Clergy (British)
– Policeman (slight Cockney)
– Post Boy (Cockney) — probably played by Irene Adler actor
– Swiss Boy (German or French)

By the way…Steampunk is the set theme. If you want to join in on creating the visuals for this show, come to auditions.

Contact the Richmond Civic Theatre office to obtain a script for perusal.

Performances: Oct 10-12 & 17-18, 2014
Rehearsal Schedule: Sundays, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.; Mondays through Thursdays, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. No rehearsal Labor Day evening.

On your audition form, indicate the dates you are unavailable for rehearsal; any absence during tech week (beginning Oct 5) is a deal-breaker.

Contact Linda Ward via email at if you have any questions or concerns.

Shrek Auditions

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Check out the audition details and audition form for Shrek – RCT’s 500th production.

Auditions are May 11 & 12 @ 6:30 p.m.

Audition Notice

Audition Form


Behind the Curtain – Choreography

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Join us “Behind the Curtain” for a series of fun workshops as RCT choreographers, designers, and directors share their methods for working on a show.   If you are an actor, crew member, seamstress or builder and would like the opportunity to explore and develop your talents by choreographing a show, designing lights, costumes, make-up, sets or sound, or maybe stage  manage, then these workshops are for you.    Our first workshop will be with Cheryl DeLucio on choreography.  (Check her event on FB)  Saturday, April 12th, 10:30 – 12:30 at Dance Techniques (across from RCT).    Just call the RCT office at 962-8011 to register.

ByeBye Birdie Auditions

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Bye Bye Birdie Audition Information

A letter from your Directors

Thank you for picking up your Birdie audition material.  Here’s just a few things we would like you to keep in mind when auditioning.

Auditions will be held:

Sunday, April 6th at 6pm

Monday, April 7th at 6pm

We will be on stage and will be showcasing your singing and dancing talents.

Please begin arriving at 5:30 (if possible) with audition form filled out prior to arrival.  When auditioning for a lead and/or cameo, Jon requests that you are prepared to sing the material we have given you.  Please DO NOT come in unprepared expecting to sing “Happy Birthday”.

We will be running the auditions in this order (but don’t hold us to this).

1 – You will be escorted upstairs in groups of 10-15 to learn your choreography.

2 – We will have you come down & sit in groups ie, Alberts, Rosies, Kims, Hugos, chorus, etc.  Signs will be up in those sections.

3 – You will then come on stage by group to show us this fancy footwork

4 – You will then sing with your groups.

5 – You will then be dismissed, if you wish to sing for another role, then you will be asked to sit with the other section.

(Repeat steps 3-5, til we are done with singing/dancing, then moving on to step 6)

6 – Reading Leads/Cameo’s

We will hopefully be able to begin with chorus and work our way through to leads. (See character breakdown)

Tuesday, April 8th at 6:30pm


We will be in the Upstairs Rehearsal Room

This is for people who received a Call Back (these will be made Monday night/Tuesday morning).

We will be reading/singing – We will be looking for chemistry, character and direction.

If you are auditioning for a lead or cameo role and already know you will be unable to come on that Tuesday for call backs, please put “Read” on the top right of your audition form.  We may have you stay after on Monday or schedule another time to meet with you.

If you are unable to come to auditions and would like to be considered for a role, please contact

Cari Sweigart at 765-977-9635 so that we can make other arrangements. “Please don’t do this”  ha ha!

Thank You, we’re excited for auditions and can’t wait to see and hear you all!!

Have Fun!

Lisa Derringer, Jon Hudnall, Cari Sweigart, Katlin Middleton

Character Profiles

Audition Form

Lend Me a Tenor Auditions

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Audition information for Ken Ludwig’s comedy LEND ME A TENOR

Director: Jack Leer Assistant Director: Ghlee Jewison

Auditions for RCT’s final show of the 2013-14 season will be held February 24 and 25, from 6 to 8 pm, in the annex. Readings will come from the audition packet although we may ask for a cold reading from the script. It won’t be necessary to come to both nights or stay for the entire time. We will notify you if callbacks are needed.

The plot centers on Tito Morelli, a famed Italian tenor who has come to Cleveland during the 1930s to star in their production of Othello. After a series of misunderstandings, Tito mixes wine and sedatives and is thought to be dead. The opera manager forces his assistant, Max, to don the Othello costume and pretend to be Tito and save the opera. Other characters, with their own agendas, complicate things to the point of absurdity. Somehow, after lots of shouting, chasing, door slamming and laughs, everything ends happily. 

There are roles for four men and four women. 

Max – 30ish. Assistant manager of the Cleveland Opera Company. He longs for two things: to be a star of the opera and to marry Maggie. Both dreams seem out of his reach.

Mr. Saunders – 50ish. Manager of the opera company. A blowhard used to getting his way. Maggie’s father.

Maggie – 20s. She loves Max, but won’t marry him until she has a “fling.” Hopefully with Tito.

Tito – 50ish. A world famous tenor known as “Il Stupendo.” He loves opera, himself, and as many women as possible.

Maria – 40s-50s. Tito’s wife. She has an Italian temper. She loves her husband despite his womanizing ways.

Julia – 50s- 60s. The “grande damme” of the opera company. Think the Marx Brothers and Margaret Dumont.

Diane – 30s-40s. The lead soprano of the opera. If her voice isn’t enough to get ahead, she knows other ways (wink, wink.)

The Bellhop – 20s 40s. A total opera fan with a running feud with Mr. Saunders. He has a talent for popping up at the most inconvenient times.

Thanks for your interest in the show and I hope to see you at auditions. If you have any questions, feel free to call Jack at 765-914-7231.