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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe cast announced!

After an astounding amount of young people turned out for auditions, the choices were very difficult!


The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Cast List


PETER                                     Elijah Fecher

SUSAN                                    Eden Grooms

EDMUND                                Brennan Fogle

LUCY                                      Jessica Smith

ASLAN                                    Gagan Banga

WHITE WITCH                        Destiny Brubaker

MR. BEAVER                          Luke Sheridan

MRS. BEAVER                        Annetta Itnyre

TUMNUS                                 Jordan Wolfe

FENRIS ULF                            Aidan Morris

DWARF                                   Jackson Thompson


ELF                                          Emerson Cozart

CENTAUR                               Marley Judd

UNICORN                                Madeline Stults

WHITE STAG                          Dylan Dalbey


LEAD WOOD NYMPH            Alexa Turner

WOOD NYMPHS                     Rowan Aubre-Howard

Katherine Freeman

Mary Jetmore

Myna Martin

Anna Schweitzer


ASLAN’S FOLLOWERS          Sophia Bergfield

Breighlyn Chambers

Isabella Fecher

Brianna Fletcher

Madeline Freeman

Nathanael Harkrider

Lily Inderstrodt

Maria Jones

Atulya Kathuria

Aeryn Morris

Anna Wible


WITCH’S ARMY                     Jaxin Bohn

Arielle Detton

Ted Eastman

Ross Fogle

Jake Fost

Austi Jenkins

Karis Koyles

Justice Lewis

Claire Meyer

Graham Milligan

Riley Smith

Bonnie Miller

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